Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A is for Apple. Hay is for Horses.

Look at this:
Do you see this pie? Do you see it? Do you honestly see this pie?

OK, I believe you.

Now... Imagine...

Imagine yourself mashing this pie up into bits and pieces.

Now, imagine that you are mixing those bits and pieces into something.

Imagine that that something happens to be vanilla ice cream.

You are now imagining what I consumed in reality today.

Little Known Fact:

Apple Pie Ice Cream is my ALL-TIME favorite ice cream flavor in the whole wide universe. I had only ever had it out of a pint or quart or whatever from the store and then they stopped carrying it. I then forgot all about it and haven't looked in ages. So, my grandma gave me coupons to Baskin Robbins the other day and one of them was buy one cone get one free. I got home from school today and my mom says, "Do you want to go get ice cream?" I say heck yes and we're off. I'm not even that excited, really because I was tired and just wanted to sit and relax... but I don't want this coupon to go to waste so whatever. I get there... and what do I see but my good ol' buddy pal Apple Pie Ice Cream just sitting there in the freezer waiting for me to consume it!!!!


I really love apple pie flavored ice cream.

I have also decided today that I need to see if there is a llama farm anywhere near by. I am in dire need of some llama therapy... aka I need to pet a llama soon or I will collapse. I'm thinking there might be one in the area of 51st Ave because there is a farm there with tons of goats and a pony and a donkey that I pass by everyday going to school. It's adorable and makes my day bright which is why I go that way :) Speaking of, when I drove past today all of the animals were on one side of the yard grazing or doing whatever they do and then alllllll the way on the other side behind a big metal tub thing was a little black goat all by himself! He was acting all wacko and like flailing his head around. It made me sad! I said, man, sometimes I feel like that goat. All alone behind a metal tub flailing my head about... OK maybe not.

The moral of this story is...

There isn't one. It's not really a story though either, is it? I'm just a big stinky liar face pants.

*cue crowd of people yelling "GO TO BED, YA FREAK!"*

OK. Goodnight moon.

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Amanda said...

*me in crowd yelling "GO TO BED YOU WACKO!" then me walking up all close to you and whispering in your ear... "you may be a wacko, but i totally relate to you and that lil goat."

and then...

justus pretends he's a donkey. i have to find him. he hides behind the futon in the playroom. and he says "hehaww hehaww" until i find him. sometimes he says "amanda, ask the police if they can find me." so i have to pretend to call the police and ask the policeman if he has seen my donkey or if he can help me find him. it's fun. :) but your little talk about seeing the lil farm on the way to work reminded me of that. :)