Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion, Style, Thrift. Repeat.

I don't know much about fashion but I love it nonetheless. I have a thrifting addiction and it takes hold of me just about everyday. I frequent a certain chain thrift store on a weekly basis and find it virtually impossible to leave empty-handed. If there were a Thrift-A-Holics Anonymous... I wouldn't go. The beautiful thing about this addiction is that it has nothing but positive effects. It hardly puts a dent in my (lovely thrifted) wallet and it acts as therapy. On stressful days I used to run to the nearest St. Arbucks (get it?) and grab a grande chai latte for around $4. Now, I run to my lovely little Thrift-A-Ganza* and buy a pair of vintage Ray-Bans for 1/4 of the price of that latte. I leave the store feeling thrifty and stylish, a perfect combo for what rounds out to be a perfect day.

Thrift-A-Ganza saves me money, gives me cheap therapy, and most importantly it has helped me start to develop my own sense of style. The few times that I frequent Forever21, I usually pick up a couple items that would be difficult to acquire at a thrift store around here. For example, I purchased a black sweater vest at Forever21 which has become a staple to my wardrobe. Other than the rare mall purchases, most of my outfits that I consider "cool" are made up of thrifted items. I love wearing shoes that no one else has. I love owning a green leopard print button up shirt that reminds me of West Side Story. I love my distressed cut off denim shorts a la 90s grunge era. I love the styrofoam head sitting in my room sporting a black wig and fedora. All purchased from the same place

Thrifting is an artform. One day, I would love to be the Warhol of thrifting. Nay, thrifting is an adventure and I aspire to be Indiana Jones. Either way, I love it and pray I never get sick of it.

*Names have been changed because, frankly, I don't want you taking all the good stuff.

PS, I'm stealing this idea from one of the blogs I read where the blogger posts pictures of what she wore that day. Well, the other day I felt particularly adorable so I made my outfit on Polyvore and have decided to show you. I will probably post a couple of these whenever I feel like it. Enjoy!

The shoes I own are dark brown all over and a little shorter but very similar. Also the bag is a bit different because obviously I do not own a $1000 (or more) bag. I think that one is Gucci or something haha. Mine is from Aldo. Other than that the outfit is pretty accurate.

Friday, August 15, 2008

North Korea: 1984

I have recently been reading the George Orwell classic dystopian novel 1984 and still have about 100 pages to go. Though I haven't even finished the novel, as I was viewing photographs by a French photographer who recently travelled to North Korea, I was completely taken aback by the haunting similarities.

Each photograph and description reminded me of something I had read in 1984, from the red sashes the children wore similarly to the Spies, to the "government installed radio system which blasts out propaganda messages to the citizens, and which will even work when there are power cuts!" just like the Telescreens. One of the things that struck me the most was an entry in a blogspot that I found trying to find if anyone else saw the eerie similarities:

"The people of North Korea will not realize all they are being denied if they have nothing to compare it to. That was one of the strengths of the government in Orwell’s story – the people of his dystopia had nothing to compare their lives to."

While reading 1984 I had a hard time thinking that this could ever happen to the U.S., mostly because we are a rebellious society nowadays. With our right to criticize our government freely without being "vaporized", I don't think we would ever let government take over to this extent. To see an entire country mirror 1984 is frightening.

If anything, just look at Eric Lafforgue's photographs and read the descriptions below each photo. Not only does it give you a good idea of what is happening in this other world but his photographs are amazing.

And that, my friends is the conclusion of my very first post on my blogspot. See? Everything really is nonsense...