Saturday, August 29, 2009

"The Last Beat of My Heart"

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Thursday, August 27, 2009


"Brought back"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This movie is like a dream to me. Seriously, the blue creatures are so incredibly beautiful they make me want to cry. WOW! I really want to see this.

Click for trailer.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Yeah, "Straw-Cab".

I wrote a tweet stating how backwards my life really is. This then inspired me to blog. I haven't been doing this much recently, I know. Shame on me.

Here is why my life is backwards:

First off, the thing that inspired the tweet in the first place was the fact that on days that I work, I usually sleep in really really late because I don't have to be at work until 4-6pm but also feel like if I were to get up and LIVE that I wouldn't have enough time in the day to do so. There was a quote in a movie I recently watched, and now I can't remember which one, where an old lady talks about how when you know the end is coming you spend all your time worrying and not living. I know she was talking about death but that's sort of how I feel about obligation. When I know I have to do something at a certain time the entire day I think about it. By the time I do it and get it done I feel like I've been doing it all day long.

Secondly, my life is "backwards" because of how complicated everything is. Not just life experiences or whatever but even very simple things. I never have a simple answer for anything. EVER. My favorite color? Oh, well it's blue-green but not just blue-green I love all shades of blue-green. "Oh, so like teal?" Yes, but also aqua and turquoise and every other shade. My favorite movie? Well, I like Wizard of Oz, Grease, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Amelie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wristcutters, Wes Anderson films... My favorite Wes Anderson film? Well, I really love The Royal Tenenbaums but Life Aquatic is also really really good...

SHUT UP. Seriously, I wish I had simple answers to SOMETHING. Even when people ask me about school I feel like I have to write a novel about it.

Oh, and don't even get me started on my boy issues. That's a fricken War & Peace-sized tale.

I just wish that something sometime would be easy, simple, uncomplicated, and stress-free. I wish that my fear of disappointing others and my lack of ability to make decisions would just go away. I talk about that stuff in therapy, I talk about it with family and friends and trying to get rid of it never gets any easier. I'm trying. I really am. I actually had made a list one time of my top 5 favorite movies and I felt alright about. I felt a little OCD about it for awhile like, "Uhh... mmmm.... I don't know... are these REALLY my favorite movies?" while wringing my hands and straightening the rugs and crooked frames on the walls. I think I am a little OCD about things sometimes... I also have the tendency to go on tangents. I bore people when I tell stories. Don't lie. My parents tell me all the time that I do.


Knowing my brain, I'm probably going to write a blog about my OCD-ness now. I apologize in advance.

If any of you ever become alcoholics and I feel I must intervene, here is how it will happen:

toothpaste for dinner

Monday, August 17, 2009

Imagine... Imogen is back!!

When Imogen Heap's most popular album came out back in 2005, I was immediately hooked. She quickly became my favorite singer EVER and I was able to see her live my senior year of high school. She was amazing!!! Then, when I went to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I almost started crying when I heard her voice during the end credits! Overall, I think quite highly of her. Well, she's been hiding away for the past four years recording a new album and it's finally being released! I want to buy the actual CD when it comes to stores August 24th but it's streaming online as we speak! SO, as a true and loyal fan, I have provided you with the ability to listen to her greatness for yourself.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Know, I Know, I Know

It has been awhile, I know. I've just been feeling overwhelmed and confused and stuck and lost and... EMO for the past month or more that writing a blog or tweeting too much was going to be a bit depressing instead of entertaining. So, I've been holding out on you for your benefit, believe me!

I've been bitten by the creative bug again the past couple of days. I bought and assembled a bookcase all by my onesies and decided that, with its addition, my wall looked ever so boring! (I reminded myself of Alice just then...)

So, once again I removed the decor from the biggest wall in my room and redecorated it. I am slightly pleased with the outcome. It's not perfect and it's not my "dream wall" or anything, but it will do for now.

I want to mention that the picture furthest to the right is actually one I found in my old high school portfolio. I decided it's just weird enough to be displayed on my wall. After putting it in a frame, I actually really REALLY like it and I'm really proud to say it's my own work!

Here it is close up. Kind of blurry, sorry.

After my mini-makeover, I got the sudden urge to draw a mermaid. The song "Marvelous Things" by Eisley has been travelling around my head for awhile now playing at random times and conjuring up some amazing imagery in the process. There is a line that goes, "I followed a rabbit/through rows of mermaid-entwined strawberries", which is my favorite line in the song. I wanted to try and draw what was in my head when I pictured that line and started with a vine. I liked the vine but decided that I kind of liked it just the way it was and wanted to draw a mermaid separate. I love the finished product!

...and a close up:

I obviously went the freaky mermaid route as opposed to the Ariel-esque. I love her. I need to name her, blow her up poster-sized, paint her, and hang her up on my wall.

That sounded gruesome.

Oops... I took so long writing this blog that I don't have much time to accomplish stuff I needed to do tonight. CRAP. Oh well, you all have been entertained for a short while, and that's what I'm here for, right?