Sunday, October 25, 2009

MJ and Louie the Llama

If only I were in this video with them. I think Michael and Louie and I would have been best friends...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ma sirène et moi...

Mermaid-inspired birthday outfit of my dreams...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

via Pahlahniuk & Chocolate

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Happy Pre-Birthday!"

My birthday is October 21st, as most of you know... However, my birthday came "early" this year as I got to go to the David Crowder Band concert featuring Seabird and Danyew! It was AMAZING and BRILLIANT and GREAT and unfor-FRICKEN-gettable!!!!

Me and Liz with Danyew! They are so cute but I was totally digging on the curly-haired drummer :)

Me with the lead singer of Seabird. He's so adorable!

(It's because of Liz that we even met him! We almost walked right past him in the hallway but she did a double-take and saw who he was, grabbed my arm and like FLUNG me around and went "LOOK!" Totally cracked me up! Good times...)

And now, ladies and gentlemen... The moment that brought me more joy than you can possibly imagine:

*Heavenly choir music* Yes!!!!!!!!!

OK, story time...

Liz and I happened upon a line forming in a deserted hallway outside where we had been sitting in the auditorium so we loitered around for awhile to see what was going on. Then out of nowhere DCB comes walking out and I'm like WHAAAAAA??? So we asked this girl what was going on and she (very snobbily, I might add) told us they were there to meet the band. So we got really excited and stood in line. Then we started to notice that everyone had stickers on their shirts so I turned around and asked two older gentlemen, "So, are only certain people aloud in this line?" and one of them said, "Well, techinically yes. This is for the people with 'Meet & Greet' passes."

Oooh man, did my hear sink.

Liz and I decided to then stand in a corner and wait for the line to die down to see if they'd meet us after these special snobby people (I was kinda bitter, if you couldn't tell) had their turns.

Unfortunately, after a couple more non-special people came and stood around us it garnered unwanted attention and a security guard told us we had to "clear out". We left and I cried just a little. Technically the tears didn't escape my eyeballs but Liz saw them welled up in my eyes. It was terrible. I was so mad.

I told her, if there were just no way of meeting them at all then I wouldn't be so upset but the fact that people paid extra money to meet them and that was the only way one could... That just didn't seem right to me. If you pay to go to a concert and you take time to wait after the show to meet the band you should be allowed. There shouldn't be special treatment, you know?

Anyway, so Liz and I left and that's when we accidentally bumped into Danyew and Seabird dude! They were just chillin by the merchandise tables that were being packed up with no one around bothering them. After we met all of them it made my day a bit brighter. I wasn't so bitter about not meeting DCB anymore and I was at peace.

THENNNNNNNNN as we were walking outside to my car we observed that we could see DCB meeting the specials through glass doors right by the parking lot and the tour buses so we thought, "Hmm... I wonder if they'll come through those doors when they're done." So I suggested we sit on the steps for a bit to see what happens. We waited for awhile and the line finally started to die down inside. A random crew dude came out and started moving all the equipment out and had opened a garage door-like thing to do it. We thought, "Oh, man they HAVE to come out of there when they're done. The bus is right behind us!"

We waited and waited and slowly started to feel more and more awkward as more and more crew people were loading up and less and less normal ticket-holding people were even around at all. Finally, I said, "I'm starting to feel really awkward and they're not coming out here so maybe we should just go now." We reluctantly and very slowly started making our way up the steps to the parking lot when a guy came out of the tour bus and said, "They'll be coming out in like 10 to 15 minutes, you know, if you want to wait." I was like, "Are you serious? Oh my gosh, thank you for telling us that!" and we made our way back down the stairs to where the crew guys were.

THERE HE WASSSSSS!!!! He was still talking to some stragglers from the meet n greet but when they finally left he was just chillin with some crew dudes. One of them (he was in an orange shirt... I remember!) I saw pointed over towards us lurking on the steps and DAVID WALKED ALL THE WAY OVER TO US, INTRODUCED HIMSELF AS DAVE, SHOOK OUR HANDS, SIGNED OUR TICKETS, TALKED TO ME ABOUT TWITTER, WISHED ME A HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY, AND TOOK PICTURES WITH US!

Overall... pretty good day, I'd say :)

I just now realized that this is the "internet debut" of my newly bleached locks :) Like em?