Friday, September 16, 2011

World Travel Wish (Part 1)

Everyone has a bucket list. Everyone has dreams, wishes, goals, New Years resolutions, etc. Even if you haven't written yours down, there are countless things you have dreamt to do before your life on Earth ends. I've written down bucket lists before and have one in particular framed in my room. Today, however, I've decided to get a little more specific and focus on my travel dreams. I've discovered some unique, interesting, scary, exciting locations around the world that I refuse to believe are real until I see them with my own eyes. One day, I plan on doing just that.

Enjoy the first part of my list... (otherwise this post will go on forever!)

Fly Geyser- Nevada

Radisson Blu Hotel- Berlin

"Sky Park" at Marina Sands- Singapore

Conrad Hotel- Maldives, Rangali Island


Atlantis- Bahamas and Dubai


New Zealand


and although I've already been there twice, there's so much more I wish to see...