Friday, October 31, 2008


I think I saw a shooting star last night, like for real! Awesome.

Tonight is Halloween!!! Previously, I disliked Halloween immensely, mostly because the past 5 or 6 Halloweens have been total busts. I remember in Sophomore year dressing up like a very modest Playboy bunny, going to this party with some older high schoolers and feeling more uncomfortable than I ever have in my whole life. We didn't even do anything! Then they boys whipped out their XBOXes and I'm like, "I'm outta here!". BORING. STUPID. And then I honestly cannot remember doing anything for Halloween after that. I think Junior year, the year I had no friends, I put on my mom's wedding dress and handed out candy to the neighbor kids. Hooray... Last year I was in California I believe... I have no idea what I did... OH YEAH! I dressed up as a pirate and helped at the church fall festival thing. I actually just figured that out as I typed, no joke.

THIS YEAR THOUGH.... I am going with Julie and Jenna to a Rocky Horror Picture Show party! Yay!!! I don't really have stuff to be a character from RHPS but I just threw a bunch of randomness together and I'll do my makeup all crazy, etc. It shall be awesome. Oh yes. Then later I think we're going back to Jenna's for some more crazy. Oh yes. Good times.

Alright, I need to get some stuff done before my Halloween greatness commences. I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I just wanted to say stuff:

  • Tonight was supposed to bring a meteor shower around 3:30am. Here I am wide awake and I see nothing. I think I may have seen ONE on my way home from Julie's a little while ago but then again I often see random things at night. It could have been anything, really.
  • Today, or technically yesterday, was my official birthday. A lot of people said happy birthday to me which made me feel really special :) I get the warm fuzzies when I know that people are thinking of me. How nice of Facebook and Myspace to remind random people of my birthday. I thoroughly enjoy that feature.
  • I just watched the Game Show Network at Julie's until 3am. One day I think I shall go on a game show. I really want to go on Don't Forget the Lyrics with my dad and Julie as my backups! What a winning combo we'd be!
  • I've been listening to Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Love Lockdown by Kanye West, Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie, and sometimes thrown in the mix, What Them Girls Like by Ludacris featuring Chris Brown and some other dude over and over and over again for three days.
  • I got to talk to my cousin in New Orleans and my aunt in California today! This makes me very very happy inside and out :)
  • I hate that I have friends that either no longer talk to me or that I no longer communicate with.
  • I also hate when it's been so long since I've chosen to speak with someone that it has gotten to that akward stage where if I were to talk to them again I'd have to apologize and explain why I stopped talking to them and I honestly have no answer. I'll just use someone else's excuse of "I fell off the face of the planet." Sorry, you-know-who... I had to. It's just an excuse, I know. I just don't know what else to say. I don't know why I'm like that.
  • I am an avoider. I guess there's my answer.
  • I am officially going to therapy now! I am not embarrassed, I am genuinely happy. My first appointment is a week from this coming Saturday, so yay. I hope I can eventually stop being an avoider and stop being a lot of other dumb things I tend to be quite often.
  • I am officially and totally and completely 20 years old now. Wow.
  • Uhhh...

That is all I guess.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Decades of Awesome

Check it out: Evidence of my age.
I'm 20 years old! No longer a stinkin teenager!

Oooohhh gosh... if only life got less complicated with each passing year.
My life would be 2o times less complicated than being born.
That seems like a pretty strenuous task.
I'd have it easy-peasy by now!

I told someone the other day that when I am with my family, being older sucks and makes me sad because, with my family, I just want to be a child forever. However, when I am with friends, I cannot wait to be older because I enjoy the process of growing up with people my age, you know?

Getting older is weird. I can't believe that I was 18 two years ago. Like... dang.

Ugh... it's funny, I was speaking with my bff about boys and such and how when I was like 16 I discussed how I expected my life to be in the future. I believed I would get married at 23 and start having kids at 25. WOW, things sure do change a lot in 4 years! I mean, I guess it's still plausible that I could get married at 23 but I don't necessarily see that happening. See, now my thing is I want to date for (at least) a year and be engaged for a year so... seeing as how I don't even have a bf right now I don't really see the 23 thing happening. Not complaining! Just saying. Also, dude... 30s are the new 20s so kids can wait. I am in no hurry to have children. Plus, adoption takes a long time so... you know. Who knows when that will happen. Again, not complaining here. Just stating some facts.

I am 20 years old talking about marriage and kids. What is going on? AHHH I feel weird.

OK, I need sleep... I want to be awake to celebrate the day of my birth :) What a glorious day. It really should be a national holiday: Caitlin Day: The day the world celebrates me entering the world. I am pretty awesome. HAHA OK, sorry... big headed birthday girl :D

Night, night.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sorry, just giving a shout-out to my stalkers.

Today I am celebrating my 20th birthday! My family and I went to Dave & Buster's for lunch and played games which was a total blast. I love that place! I had never been but it just looked fun and different so I thought I'd give it a try. Fun fun. Later we all went to my house for banana cream pie and presents! All in all a great day so far. Tonight I am getting all dolled up in my flapper outfit to go to Gaslight Inn and then to Jenna's for some more fun! Yay! This is a good birthday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

fake + cheap= you get what you pay for.

I bought some adorable white wayfarers at the state fair last weekend for $10 from a rasta man. I also paid $10 for a henna tattoo.

Do I now feel that this was a wise $20 to spend? Not at all.

I just took my sunglasses from my purse and they are completely broken. Unfixable. Lame. And my henna tattoo? Well, first of all he didn't even give me the one I asked for. The one I got was lame, though he did do a good job on it, I'll give him that. Second of all, henna tattoos are supposed to last about two weeks. The first and only other one I ever had was huge and lasted like a month. This one is already gone. It was completely faded like three days ago. Saying 10 days and meaning 5 is stretching it a bit.

BUT the henna man and the rasta man cannot be held responsible for this. I purchased these items for very cheap at the state fair. What did I expect? The crown jewels on a silver platter? Nah, I guess I expected them to disappoint. They were fun for a couple days and that's better than not at all I suppose. Granted I will never have that $20 back...

So was it worth it in the end? I feel like there have been plenty of times when I have wasted money. I then ask myself, was the short lifespan of whatever your purchased worth what you spent? Most of the time the answer is a resounding NO! Yet, it always is my fault, you know? You can always get your money back or just not spend it at all.

The next time I go to the fair or anything similar I will ask myself... if I spend $X on this item, is that worth the fact that I will most likely not own this thing in its current state in about a week?

This is rambling at its finest, people. Take it all in.

On a completely separate note: I still am lacking in the employment area. I have applied to lots and lots of jobs and have not heard from a single one. I mean, I haven't even received rejections! Makes me cry inside.

Random note #2: There is a rabbit at the AZ Humane Society (the first one on the page, his name is Mr. Big) that has been there longer than any of the other animals. His price has been reduced to $20 and I am very scared that if he doesn't get adopted soon they'll have to... you know. I cried for a good ten minutes when I saw his picture on the website. I wish I could adopt him but, shoot man I can barely take of my fish let alone a rabbit. I would not be a responsible pet owner... but if you know someone who can take him and let me visit... that would be cool! OK, I guess even if I can't visit it would be cool. This rabbit is just like YANKING at my heartstrings and I can't stop thinking about him. So, any help would be awesome!!!

Last thing (I think): My birthday party is this Saturday!!! Yay!!! Julie and I bought our flapper dresses last night and we got all decked out in 20s gear... dang. I shall have to take lots of pictures because you would not believe how we look. I did not even look like myself, I didn't even FEEL like myself. I am one HOT flapper :) Just sayin... haha

OK, that's all. Toodles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I went to the AZ State Fair with my mom and cousin, Liz. This is the ferris wheel!

Also at the fair, this is an alpaca (white and dirty) and a llama (cute black poodle-shaved). Let me just point out that the alpaca was a poop chunk and all it wanted was food. It wouldn't let me pet it and was a jerk. HOWEVER, the llama was a sweety pie and let me put his head in my hands and pet his nose and cherish him for all time. When will you all learn... llamas are so much better than those snooty stuck up alpacas!

Awww.... goooaatt. Please go to YouTube and search for the talking goat. It makes my day everytime I view it. I got a bit bored of goats at the fair though. Just too many of them.

Oh, hey... not at the fair. This is me in my "sporty outfit". Just to prove how incredibly girly I am... I was nervous and didn't want to play kickball at all until I purchased every item in this outfit. I then felt adorable and so thought, okay I don't care if I suck because I will look cute doing it.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am so cold that I am warming my hands over the hot air vent of my laptop.

Anyway, today on my way to school I had my iPod on shuffle. I really enjoy the shuffle feature sometimes and other times I hate it and quickly switch to an album or old overplayed playlist. I rarely ever hear two great songs in a row let alone two that mesh well together that aren't actually the same artist. Today, however, Narc by Interpol and then Titles and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie came on and I was pleased. I don't know why, I mean at first glance those don't seem "mesh-able" but they really went nicely together.

I am actually writing this to keep from fuming because I am actually in a really bad mood right now. I would rather not be though so I am pretending that I feel fine. Thus, this post is pointless and really not that interesting.

I feel like I have so much to do right now. I should be reading, preparing questions for my religions class, starting my compare/contrast essay, applying to more jobs, and taking a bath because I am super duper sore.

Oh, I forgot to inform you that I am now, for the first time in my life, part of an organized sport. Yes, I am on a kickball team!!! Haha, this is big stuff for Caitlin! We played our first game yesterday and... WE WON!!! It was awesome. You should come watch sometime. I will be embarrassed but you'll make me feel loved nonetheless.

Make like Vincent Van and Gogh. Yeah, Julie, that does flow a bit better...

haha.. "Gogh away boids." I am still laughing inside.

OKAYYY now I am blabbering. Off to watch Heroes.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Late Night Cleverness

All alone in my room, trying to fall asleep and this is what pops into my head:

"Make like Vincent Van and Gogh away!"

I just thought I'd share. Goodnight moon.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have read this a million times and cannot stop laughing. Hilarious.

Those darn boids get on my noives.

I have discovered as of last night that Wes Anderson is one of my all-time favorite film makers. I have now seen three of his films: Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I need to see Bottle Rocket and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ASAP!!! I am positive I will enjoy both greatly.

I want to apply to Bookman's I think. I believe working in a bookstore would bring me immense joy and pleasure.

Does anyone know what I should do with my life? I mean, really, any ideas would be beneficial to my disposition.

Monday, October 6, 2008

O, How I Love Thee, Sweet Economy.

I lost my job.

Well, my mom can no longer say what she so very often says: "Why are you worrying about the economy. It's not even affecting you!" Oh yeah?

Sorry, I sound really bitter and angry when really I am just annoyed and disappointed. I'm sick of looking for jobs. I feel like that's all I do anymore. Seriously, didn't I JUST do this? Frickbox.

Just pray for me to find something that works with school. That's the most important thing right now. Secondly, pray that I find something soon because my birthday and my NYC trip are ridiculously close at hand. I'm scared I may not even be able to go now... but I don't want to be pessimistic. Just pray. Or send out good vibes... whatever.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh, what a day.

Today has already been ridiculous. I mean, it had the potential to be amazing x 12 but in the end I am a bit on the miserable side. I woke up this morning and REALLY wanted to hang out with someone at the park. Apparently I am the only one who had nothing to do today because everyone is busy. So I then decided that I would make today a Caitlin day. I never really like to do things by myself so I thought, I really need to learn to do so. I ate lunch at a restaurant by myself for probably only the second time in my life, if not the first. I drove around a farm-area-like neighborhood on a search for llamas. This is the only one I found:

Actually, this playground llama is the only thing that made me smile today. I was driving all around farm land looking for llamas and the only one I found was one on an elementary school playground. Maybe if I replay that moment in my head over and over again it will make me happy the rest of the day.

OK, so then I drove by the goat farm I have previously mentioned and one of the goats was like outside the yard. I had a big giant debate with myself over whether I should tell the owners or not... and discovered I am a big selfish person who's too afraid to be nice to people. I am still thinking I might drive back and see if it's still there... I don't know what's wrong with me today.

OK, good things about today: Aforementioned llama. I purchased Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and CD. The weather is beyond amazingly beautiful and it literally makes me want to sit outside and cry. I'm not kidding. AND I just decided that I am going to go climb a mountain. I don't care if I am by myself, I am sick of my house and I'm sick of feeling like I have to have people around for fun. What the eff am I talking about? I wish someone would come with me...

I'm screwed in the head today.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am very excited for my birthday this year. I am turning 20 and, previously was not excited about this age at all. So, to make it fun and exciting I am having a Roaring Twenties party at a jazz club!

I really love the twenties. The hair, the dresses, the cars, the movies, the jazz. Exquisite. Pictured above is Louise Brooks. When I googled her name on Google Images, I was blown away! She could totally be a modern model or something! Her pictures are so awesome, it was hard for me to choose just one for my blog.

Anyway, this really doesn't have a point. I just really wanted to post that picture somewhere. (Note: I am so glad I bought that ridiculous bobbed black wig on a whim!)


Hi, I am ADORABLE!!! Guess who's going to be around Caitlin's neck everyday from now on??? :D

He Doesn't Know Why

this is beautiful. the song. the lead singer. the video itself. gorgeous. love it. love it i say! OK thanks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A is for Apple. Hay is for Horses.

Look at this:
Do you see this pie? Do you see it? Do you honestly see this pie?

OK, I believe you.

Now... Imagine...

Imagine yourself mashing this pie up into bits and pieces.

Now, imagine that you are mixing those bits and pieces into something.

Imagine that that something happens to be vanilla ice cream.

You are now imagining what I consumed in reality today.

Little Known Fact:

Apple Pie Ice Cream is my ALL-TIME favorite ice cream flavor in the whole wide universe. I had only ever had it out of a pint or quart or whatever from the store and then they stopped carrying it. I then forgot all about it and haven't looked in ages. So, my grandma gave me coupons to Baskin Robbins the other day and one of them was buy one cone get one free. I got home from school today and my mom says, "Do you want to go get ice cream?" I say heck yes and we're off. I'm not even that excited, really because I was tired and just wanted to sit and relax... but I don't want this coupon to go to waste so whatever. I get there... and what do I see but my good ol' buddy pal Apple Pie Ice Cream just sitting there in the freezer waiting for me to consume it!!!!


I really love apple pie flavored ice cream.

I have also decided today that I need to see if there is a llama farm anywhere near by. I am in dire need of some llama therapy... aka I need to pet a llama soon or I will collapse. I'm thinking there might be one in the area of 51st Ave because there is a farm there with tons of goats and a pony and a donkey that I pass by everyday going to school. It's adorable and makes my day bright which is why I go that way :) Speaking of, when I drove past today all of the animals were on one side of the yard grazing or doing whatever they do and then alllllll the way on the other side behind a big metal tub thing was a little black goat all by himself! He was acting all wacko and like flailing his head around. It made me sad! I said, man, sometimes I feel like that goat. All alone behind a metal tub flailing my head about... OK maybe not.

The moral of this story is...

There isn't one. It's not really a story though either, is it? I'm just a big stinky liar face pants.

*cue crowd of people yelling "GO TO BED, YA FREAK!"*

OK. Goodnight moon.