Friday, October 10, 2008

Late Night Cleverness

All alone in my room, trying to fall asleep and this is what pops into my head:

"Make like Vincent Van and Gogh away!"

I just thought I'd share. Goodnight moon.


Amanda said...


can i offer a suggestion?

make like an artist and gogh away.

cuz his name is van gogh. so splitting the van and the gogh sounds a bit weird.

regardless... it was pretty funny and i cracked a smile.... way to be clever! :)

sophisticaitlin said...

while i appreciate your suggestion, i counter that with this: if i were to just say that aloud it would not actually appear that i was saying "gogh" thus i would have to explain myself everytime i used this phrase. with mine, although seemingly awkward, you automatically know what is being referred to whether it be written or spoken.

that is all.


Jules said...

haha alright, my suggestion:

take out the "away". It gets to the point and it is more funny to me. I don't know why.

oh it is so lovely outside.

Amanda said...

hm mmm i see your point. still. vincent van... who is that? ;)

just giving you a hard time now. being stubborn. :)
love ya!