Thursday, October 16, 2008

fake + cheap= you get what you pay for.

I bought some adorable white wayfarers at the state fair last weekend for $10 from a rasta man. I also paid $10 for a henna tattoo.

Do I now feel that this was a wise $20 to spend? Not at all.

I just took my sunglasses from my purse and they are completely broken. Unfixable. Lame. And my henna tattoo? Well, first of all he didn't even give me the one I asked for. The one I got was lame, though he did do a good job on it, I'll give him that. Second of all, henna tattoos are supposed to last about two weeks. The first and only other one I ever had was huge and lasted like a month. This one is already gone. It was completely faded like three days ago. Saying 10 days and meaning 5 is stretching it a bit.

BUT the henna man and the rasta man cannot be held responsible for this. I purchased these items for very cheap at the state fair. What did I expect? The crown jewels on a silver platter? Nah, I guess I expected them to disappoint. They were fun for a couple days and that's better than not at all I suppose. Granted I will never have that $20 back...

So was it worth it in the end? I feel like there have been plenty of times when I have wasted money. I then ask myself, was the short lifespan of whatever your purchased worth what you spent? Most of the time the answer is a resounding NO! Yet, it always is my fault, you know? You can always get your money back or just not spend it at all.

The next time I go to the fair or anything similar I will ask myself... if I spend $X on this item, is that worth the fact that I will most likely not own this thing in its current state in about a week?

This is rambling at its finest, people. Take it all in.

On a completely separate note: I still am lacking in the employment area. I have applied to lots and lots of jobs and have not heard from a single one. I mean, I haven't even received rejections! Makes me cry inside.

Random note #2: There is a rabbit at the AZ Humane Society (the first one on the page, his name is Mr. Big) that has been there longer than any of the other animals. His price has been reduced to $20 and I am very scared that if he doesn't get adopted soon they'll have to... you know. I cried for a good ten minutes when I saw his picture on the website. I wish I could adopt him but, shoot man I can barely take of my fish let alone a rabbit. I would not be a responsible pet owner... but if you know someone who can take him and let me visit... that would be cool! OK, I guess even if I can't visit it would be cool. This rabbit is just like YANKING at my heartstrings and I can't stop thinking about him. So, any help would be awesome!!!

Last thing (I think): My birthday party is this Saturday!!! Yay!!! Julie and I bought our flapper dresses last night and we got all decked out in 20s gear... dang. I shall have to take lots of pictures because you would not believe how we look. I did not even look like myself, I didn't even FEEL like myself. I am one HOT flapper :) Just sayin... haha

OK, that's all. Toodles.

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Amanda said...

k. i cannot help you with the sunglasses. but to make henna last longer soak with lemon juice. remember? and put plastic wrap around it with lemon juice. it'll last longer.

as for spending $20 bucks on a whim, don't get used to it... it's a bad habit to break. like right now, i wanna buy something. anything. shoes. or a jacket. like i need another jacket. like i need more shoes. the shoes i can justify, somewhat, but i haven't found the ones i really love. the jacket--not so easily. cuz the cute ones are wool, absolutely no reason to buy wool for chalmette winters. anyways. so. yeah. but im tempted to buy something just cus i want to. it's hard not to. i have to avoid stores. :)

i'm glad you realize you wouldn't be a good rabbit owner. i think you can be a fabulous pet owner if you really wanted to. but a rabbit would get taken away by the javalinas in like five seconds. and you would cry. and that would suck. and again, it would be $20 gone in a week or two. and that would be sad.

i do hope however that someone else's heartstrings do go out to the rabbit. does the az humane society put animals down? that's sad.

looking forward to the pics of the flapper cait. be tasteful :) hahahaha. that's the mom in me talking. :)

and finally, did i tell you the comment sction works on my blog now? :) it does! :)