Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Decades of Awesome

Check it out: Evidence of my age.
I'm 20 years old! No longer a stinkin teenager!

Oooohhh gosh... if only life got less complicated with each passing year.
My life would be 2o times less complicated than being born.
That seems like a pretty strenuous task.
I'd have it easy-peasy by now!

I told someone the other day that when I am with my family, being older sucks and makes me sad because, with my family, I just want to be a child forever. However, when I am with friends, I cannot wait to be older because I enjoy the process of growing up with people my age, you know?

Getting older is weird. I can't believe that I was 18 two years ago. Like... dang.

Ugh... it's funny, I was speaking with my bff about boys and such and how when I was like 16 I discussed how I expected my life to be in the future. I believed I would get married at 23 and start having kids at 25. WOW, things sure do change a lot in 4 years! I mean, I guess it's still plausible that I could get married at 23 but I don't necessarily see that happening. See, now my thing is I want to date for (at least) a year and be engaged for a year so... seeing as how I don't even have a bf right now I don't really see the 23 thing happening. Not complaining! Just saying. Also, dude... 30s are the new 20s so kids can wait. I am in no hurry to have children. Plus, adoption takes a long time so... you know. Who knows when that will happen. Again, not complaining here. Just stating some facts.

I am 20 years old talking about marriage and kids. What is going on? AHHH I feel weird.

OK, I need sleep... I want to be awake to celebrate the day of my birth :) What a glorious day. It really should be a national holiday: Caitlin Day: The day the world celebrates me entering the world. I am pretty awesome. HAHA OK, sorry... big headed birthday girl :D

Night, night.


Amanda said...

math 101. a la amanda.

cait turns 20 on oct 21, 2008.
cait meets boy Fabulous. sometime in the next year. (you have until oct. 21, 2009)
cait turns 21 on oct 21 2009
cait dates Boy Fabulous for one year. (must end by oct. 21, 2010)
cait turns 22 on oct. 21, 2010.
Boy Fabulous becomes FIANCE (sometime between oct 21, 2010 and oct. 23, 2010. i dont have all those details worked out yet.)
engagement for one year. (must end by ... well, really... oct. 20, 2011)
cait turns 23 oct. 21, 2010.
cait stays 23 for 12 months. hmmm 12 months of engagement? hmmmm.

im just sayin. it could still fit in your time frame.


i love you big headed birthday girl. :)

sophisticaitlin said...

hahaha alright alright... perhaps i can see that happening. now if only it were to come true........... :D

haha thanks for that.

love you too!