Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am very excited for my birthday this year. I am turning 20 and, previously was not excited about this age at all. So, to make it fun and exciting I am having a Roaring Twenties party at a jazz club!

I really love the twenties. The hair, the dresses, the cars, the movies, the jazz. Exquisite. Pictured above is Louise Brooks. When I googled her name on Google Images, I was blown away! She could totally be a modern model or something! Her pictures are so awesome, it was hard for me to choose just one for my blog.

Anyway, this really doesn't have a point. I just really wanted to post that picture somewhere. (Note: I am so glad I bought that ridiculous bobbed black wig on a whim!)


Hi, I am ADORABLE!!! Guess who's going to be around Caitlin's neck everyday from now on??? :D


Amanda said...

you're going to wear a black wig around your neck? weird.

happy 20th! sounds like a lot of fun. :) wish i could be there. but i gotta save up for the big 21 next year!

sophisticaitlin said...

heck yes you do! haha it shall be fantastic and in all ways magical! :)

you're silly. did you not click on the link? or are you just silly?