Friday, October 31, 2008


I think I saw a shooting star last night, like for real! Awesome.

Tonight is Halloween!!! Previously, I disliked Halloween immensely, mostly because the past 5 or 6 Halloweens have been total busts. I remember in Sophomore year dressing up like a very modest Playboy bunny, going to this party with some older high schoolers and feeling more uncomfortable than I ever have in my whole life. We didn't even do anything! Then they boys whipped out their XBOXes and I'm like, "I'm outta here!". BORING. STUPID. And then I honestly cannot remember doing anything for Halloween after that. I think Junior year, the year I had no friends, I put on my mom's wedding dress and handed out candy to the neighbor kids. Hooray... Last year I was in California I believe... I have no idea what I did... OH YEAH! I dressed up as a pirate and helped at the church fall festival thing. I actually just figured that out as I typed, no joke.

THIS YEAR THOUGH.... I am going with Julie and Jenna to a Rocky Horror Picture Show party! Yay!!! I don't really have stuff to be a character from RHPS but I just threw a bunch of randomness together and I'll do my makeup all crazy, etc. It shall be awesome. Oh yes. Then later I think we're going back to Jenna's for some more crazy. Oh yes. Good times.

Alright, I need to get some stuff done before my Halloween greatness commences. I'll let you know how it goes!


Jenna Wenna said...

let's get crazy!!! i'm so excited!!!

Amanda said...

yay for crazy halloween. i handed out candy at lexington place (where ron & becky live) as wonder woman again. we got more "you guys are so awesome" comments and people loved my costume... creepy old dude liked it too much. yeah. awkward. i didn't let him get close. i was standing next to The Thing at the time, so i figured i was somewhat safe... batman and the flash weren't too far away either :)

hope rhps was fantastic. :)