Sunday, November 2, 2008

Note to Self:

I do not want to follow any of the following as a career path (despite previous inklings):

  • English
  • Literature
  • Art History

That is all.


Amanda said...

ok. i am ok with this. however. don't give up on creative writing because your english and lit teachers are lame. :)
as for art history, i never knew what you would do with that anyways... you could always move to NYC and become a oh.... what are they... the people that work at the museums... you could learn the scripts and lead people to all your favorite pieces of art... :)


love you.

sophisticaitlin said...

haha its not just because my teachers are lame. i really hate the subjects. i despise dissecting brilliant pieces of fiction or poetry. i don't care what a scholar from yale thinks robert frost meant by two roads diverging in a wood. seriously, i can interpret that however i want. that's the beauty of literature: imagination.

and english is just pointless and stupid. i hate learning about stuff that should have been taught to me in 8th grade, i hate having to write a process analysis paper... like, honestly... who cares?

as for art history, yes i could be a CURATOR and i have wanted to do that in the past. but again... learning the back stories behind art is cool and interesting from wikipedia but anything past that i don't care. it's kinda in the same vein as the literature thing. TMI makes me not care. at all. let me interpret things the way i want.

right now i am leaning towards a religions degree. it's very interesting and i could use that in several different fields.

ALSO... i was randomly tickling my brain with the idea of counseling. i hear HIU has a good program. just a tickle, just a tickle.