Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What the eff is it about junk food??? It's disgusting!!!

I sit here in utter boredom so I think, hmm I think I shall go eat some Pringles. So, I'm sitting here eating Pringles and after the first five I'm like, OK body I shall give you a break from this crap. Then I sit and get a gross after-taste in my mouth which makes me want to eat MORE Pringles to cover it up. Then it gets worse. Now I've eaten half the can, my stomach is gurgling loudly or more like yelling, "What the eff do you expect me to do with this ish?", and I am sitting here staring at the damn can of Pringles wishing that I didn't want to eat more of them. The salt is now burning my lips and is probably eating away at my tongue as we speak.

They put dope in here, don't they? Nicotine? Meth? Because honestly, I cannot figure out any other explanation for wanting so badly to eat something this disgusting.

Next time my mom asks what snacks I want from the grocery store I will (probably with sadness) say apples, bananas, grapes, granola for goodness sakes but please, for the love of St. Petersburg NO Pringles, NO Doritos, NO CHIPS!!!

I feel dirty. I feel like my insides need a shower. I think I shall go eat an apple for redeeming value.

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