Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fire not gon' come from me tongue.

Julie and I saw Matisyahu tonight at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ! It was really awesome, though I did not see as many Jews in the audience as I would have liked. Matisyahu and his buddy Nosson Zand were fantastic rappers/performers and every song was the best. My favorite is definitely Jerusalem: SUCH a great song!!!

The opening bands were Chester French and Future Rock. Chester French was good but they only played like three or four songs and no one in the audience cared about them. They said this was their first time in AZ and it will probably be their last. I felt badly for them. They were cute little Harvard grads putting their hearts into their music and barely anyone would even clap at the end of the songs! We did, though. We also met the guitar dudes wife, Peaches Geldof who is "famous" if you read Nylon magazine or read fashion blogs like Julie and I do. She was nice and I really liked her headband. Julie bought their CD and had the one band dude that was out in the lobby sign it and she got pics with the band dude and Peaches.

My World Religions instructor was supposed to have been there but I could not find him. I was really bummed out because I wanted Julie to meet him. He is the best instructor I have, I absolutely adore him. Like, I LOVE this dude. He has the best personality ever and the most prodigious vocabulary I have ever heard in my life. It is almost too difficult to describe without swooning a bit. Yes, that's right, I am in love with someone's vocabulary. What now?

Moving on...

Alas, he was not present in my line of vision, thus I moved on with life. I will admit to have seen many a bald-headed man hoping it was him but it would turn out to be either an old man or a gross gothic dude.

Oh, and as a final note, I almost passed out twice. It was scary. The first time I told Julie I was going to the bathroom but instead I got outside the mob and full-on fell on my butt in a puddle of someone's spilt Coke and just sat there feeling like I was going to vomit. I made it to my feet and started to black out but made it to the bathrooms just in time. I sat in a stall for probably close to five minutes and finally made my way back to Julie feeling right as rain. I think about an hour later I felt it creeping back into my head and had to go sit against the wall. I didn't even have the strength to tell Julie I was going anywhere so she lost me for awhile. Then it was the end of the show and Matisyahu was playing King Without a Crown (of course I am sick and unable to stand for this part!) and the crowd got so close and stuck together that I couldn't inch my way back up to Julie successfully. I made it close enough to see her but there were two rows of people between us. Anyway, in the end we found each other (I sure love cell phones) and all was well. I ate some Whataburger and felt much better afterward. I guess a chicken salad sandwhich is not good energy food or something because that's what I had for a late lunch and when I started to feel crappy my stomach felt as though it had been empty for eight years.

That was a long last note.

OK, time to seriously consider going to sleep. I have church tomorrow, then lunch, then homework, then (HOPEFULLY) game night at my brother's house.

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Amanda said...

cait. so glad that you loved the concert. concerned that you adore your teacher so much and are in love with his vocabulary. :) miss you. you need to see a doctor, and when you go you NEED to tell him about this blacking out incident. something could seriously be wrong.
keep checking and you can download your concert. :) i'm waiting for mine to come available still... yeah, they recorded it... so cool...
love you. hope things in life are going alright. miss you!