Tuesday, November 25, 2008

¿Como se Llama?

the two best videos i've ever seen in my life. seriously, someone needs to take me to the zoo to pet a llama before i go completely wacko.


Amanda said...

wow. those are great videos.
i can't picture you having a llama and taking it to the dentist. :)

but i can totally picture you having a llama and walking with it down the streets of phoenix... yupyup. :)

Mr. Jimmy said...

BEFORE you go whacko?

Amanda said...

hahahahahahahahaha (in response to what he said...) i feel like this is going to become another butterscotch conversation. :) hehehehe

sophisticaitlin said...

well, in my defense i did say COMPLETELY whacko... meaning i will admit that i am slightly whacked already.