Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Only an atmospheric discharge.

For today's blog, I thought that I would share a bit of pure randomness for your consideration and enjoyment. I stole the idea for these pictures from Julie who decided last night to walk around my room taking photos of various items. I took this idea and tried to get semi-creative with it. I will admit that I do not really enjoy the photographic quality of the following photographs... They are just for fun and to show off that I have cool stuff. Enjoy!

This one above is my favorite. It is, of course, a stack of National Geographic magazines that I have laying on a bookshelf. I love how they seem to disappear into infinity...

This is a good luck cat thing and a mini glow-in-the-dark King Tut bust. I own cool things, what can I say?

My King Tut hat, purchased at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, adorning a styrofoam head that I put piercings on and colored the eyelids and gave eyelashes.

Pictured is a miniature Andy Warhol. He is, in fact, holding a Campbell's soup can. He is standing in front of a black sparkly picture frame. Again, to point out the obvious, I own cool things.

McDonald's recently had Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz toys in their Happy Meals. I was thoroughly excited about this and tried, in vain, to collect them all. These are three of the four that I own. The other one, which is one of the flying monkeys, is actually my favorite but he is on a special shelf that doesn't receive adequate lighting for a decent photograph. Perhaps I shall move him to a more prime location and shoot for your viewing pleasure one day.

I like to collage records. These, however, are the only ones I have created and actually liked enough to keep intact. I really would love to make another couple of them but I haven't got the creative juices flowin just right yet... Perhaps one day soon.

Not a good photograph, but how on earth could I show you photographs of random items in my room and NOT show you my llama? That would be a heinous crime against humanity.


Amanda said...

you do have cool stuff.

but the words atmospheric discharge kinda weird me out...

sophisticaitlin said...

haha its a line from young frankenstein where the assistant says lightening scares her and dr frankenstein says, its only an atmospheric discharge, nothing to be afraid of.