Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mmm... I'm sad you are so good Mr. Turkey. That is why I cannot be a vegetarian, sometimes my sadness and guilt do not overpower my taste buds. Such is life.

I am really excited to go eat turkey, cranberry sauce, olives, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, corn, etc. Thanksgiving is goot. Very goot. Funny thing is that I actually enjoy Christmas dinner more because in my family it is very similar to Thanksgiving but with my grandma's meatballs. That is the best dang part. Anyway, T-Day is still outstanding. Very excited.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Tell me all about it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

¿Como se Llama?

the two best videos i've ever seen in my life. seriously, someone needs to take me to the zoo to pet a llama before i go completely wacko.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Why on earth would you purposely put insects in your ears? Are you some kind of maniac?

P.S. In case you don't already know, the thought of bugs crawling in my ears is one of my biggest fears. And yes, that rhymed.

Friday, November 21, 2008


  • THEN: Oh, Leo. You were my first true celeb love. I would have followed you to the Titanic and into the ocean.
  • NOW: and Zachary... I was never truly attracted to you until watching the last two episodes of Heroes. I mean, dang boy, you sure can pull off a combover and horn-rimmed glasses!
  • ALWAYS: Johnny Johnny Johnny... there are no words to describe my eternal adoration. If only you'd met me before Vanessa Paradis...

As a bit of a side note, my NOW column changes just about everytime I watch another film. This morning I was obsessed with Colin Firth because I watched Bridget Jones Diary. Currently, as you see, it is Zachary Quinto because I just finished watching Heroes two seconds ago. It will probably be that weird looking dude from Twilight tomorrow because, well for one I will fall in love with his character thus find him immensely more attractive, and also he is playing a vampire. I spell hunk v-a-m-p-i-r-e. Well... when played by David Boreanaz or Brad Pitt at least.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No need for words.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What the eff is it about junk food??? It's disgusting!!!

I sit here in utter boredom so I think, hmm I think I shall go eat some Pringles. So, I'm sitting here eating Pringles and after the first five I'm like, OK body I shall give you a break from this crap. Then I sit and get a gross after-taste in my mouth which makes me want to eat MORE Pringles to cover it up. Then it gets worse. Now I've eaten half the can, my stomach is gurgling loudly or more like yelling, "What the eff do you expect me to do with this ish?", and I am sitting here staring at the damn can of Pringles wishing that I didn't want to eat more of them. The salt is now burning my lips and is probably eating away at my tongue as we speak.

They put dope in here, don't they? Nicotine? Meth? Because honestly, I cannot figure out any other explanation for wanting so badly to eat something this disgusting.

Next time my mom asks what snacks I want from the grocery store I will (probably with sadness) say apples, bananas, grapes, granola for goodness sakes but please, for the love of St. Petersburg NO Pringles, NO Doritos, NO CHIPS!!!

I feel dirty. I feel like my insides need a shower. I think I shall go eat an apple for redeeming value.

Only an atmospheric discharge.

For today's blog, I thought that I would share a bit of pure randomness for your consideration and enjoyment. I stole the idea for these pictures from Julie who decided last night to walk around my room taking photos of various items. I took this idea and tried to get semi-creative with it. I will admit that I do not really enjoy the photographic quality of the following photographs... They are just for fun and to show off that I have cool stuff. Enjoy!

This one above is my favorite. It is, of course, a stack of National Geographic magazines that I have laying on a bookshelf. I love how they seem to disappear into infinity...

This is a good luck cat thing and a mini glow-in-the-dark King Tut bust. I own cool things, what can I say?

My King Tut hat, purchased at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, adorning a styrofoam head that I put piercings on and colored the eyelids and gave eyelashes.

Pictured is a miniature Andy Warhol. He is, in fact, holding a Campbell's soup can. He is standing in front of a black sparkly picture frame. Again, to point out the obvious, I own cool things.

McDonald's recently had Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz toys in their Happy Meals. I was thoroughly excited about this and tried, in vain, to collect them all. These are three of the four that I own. The other one, which is one of the flying monkeys, is actually my favorite but he is on a special shelf that doesn't receive adequate lighting for a decent photograph. Perhaps I shall move him to a more prime location and shoot for your viewing pleasure one day.

I like to collage records. These, however, are the only ones I have created and actually liked enough to keep intact. I really would love to make another couple of them but I haven't got the creative juices flowin just right yet... Perhaps one day soon.

Not a good photograph, but how on earth could I show you photographs of random items in my room and NOT show you my llama? That would be a heinous crime against humanity.

Monday, November 17, 2008



Just take a quick gander at THAT!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fire not gon' come from me tongue.

Julie and I saw Matisyahu tonight at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ! It was really awesome, though I did not see as many Jews in the audience as I would have liked. Matisyahu and his buddy Nosson Zand were fantastic rappers/performers and every song was the best. My favorite is definitely Jerusalem: SUCH a great song!!!

The opening bands were Chester French and Future Rock. Chester French was good but they only played like three or four songs and no one in the audience cared about them. They said this was their first time in AZ and it will probably be their last. I felt badly for them. They were cute little Harvard grads putting their hearts into their music and barely anyone would even clap at the end of the songs! We did, though. We also met the guitar dudes wife, Peaches Geldof who is "famous" if you read Nylon magazine or read fashion blogs like Julie and I do. She was nice and I really liked her headband. Julie bought their CD and had the one band dude that was out in the lobby sign it and she got pics with the band dude and Peaches.

My World Religions instructor was supposed to have been there but I could not find him. I was really bummed out because I wanted Julie to meet him. He is the best instructor I have, I absolutely adore him. Like, I LOVE this dude. He has the best personality ever and the most prodigious vocabulary I have ever heard in my life. It is almost too difficult to describe without swooning a bit. Yes, that's right, I am in love with someone's vocabulary. What now?

Moving on...

Alas, he was not present in my line of vision, thus I moved on with life. I will admit to have seen many a bald-headed man hoping it was him but it would turn out to be either an old man or a gross gothic dude.

Oh, and as a final note, I almost passed out twice. It was scary. The first time I told Julie I was going to the bathroom but instead I got outside the mob and full-on fell on my butt in a puddle of someone's spilt Coke and just sat there feeling like I was going to vomit. I made it to my feet and started to black out but made it to the bathrooms just in time. I sat in a stall for probably close to five minutes and finally made my way back to Julie feeling right as rain. I think about an hour later I felt it creeping back into my head and had to go sit against the wall. I didn't even have the strength to tell Julie I was going anywhere so she lost me for awhile. Then it was the end of the show and Matisyahu was playing King Without a Crown (of course I am sick and unable to stand for this part!) and the crowd got so close and stuck together that I couldn't inch my way back up to Julie successfully. I made it close enough to see her but there were two rows of people between us. Anyway, in the end we found each other (I sure love cell phones) and all was well. I ate some Whataburger and felt much better afterward. I guess a chicken salad sandwhich is not good energy food or something because that's what I had for a late lunch and when I started to feel crappy my stomach felt as though it had been empty for eight years.

That was a long last note.

OK, time to seriously consider going to sleep. I have church tomorrow, then lunch, then homework, then (HOPEFULLY) game night at my brother's house.

Friday, November 14, 2008

twinkle twinkle little bat

If you ever get the chance to go to the Phoenix Art Museum, totally check out the like secret hidden room that everyone is standing in line for because it's awesome. This picture really is nothing in comparison to what you actually see and feel when you're in there. I wanted to stay there forever, in all honesty. I said that I wanted my room to be just like it and, you know what, I think one day I will cover my room with mirrors and random, color-changing, floating lights. Ugh, twas a magical place. Seriously.

I am a PRO...crastinator.

I wrote an essay right before it was due and received a stellar grade. The essay I spent a couple of days on received the lowest score of anything I've yet written for my English 101 class. Coincidence? Well, considering the next highest grade I received in that class was also on a paper I spent about two hours the night before writing... I think not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This blog makes no sense

Oh well.

I woke up this morning and seriously thought it was Saturday and that I was going to have to get up and go to therapy. I was really bummed out. Not because of therapy but because I definitely wasn't ready to get out of bed for anything. Then I sat there asking myself over and over, "Is it Saturday? No, really... Is it Saturday?" I was having such a hard time remembering what day it was. So out of it. Maybe I should stop going to bed at early hours of the morning. Not healthy I am finding.

My temp agency lady friend didn't email me back yet. I'm nervous that she no longer works there and that I'm going to have to deal with someone else. I don't like anyone else there, ok? I guess if it means employment, though, I can just suck it up and do it anyway.

What else...

Bug me to set up a doctor's appointment. My stomach is so super wack right now and it's not good... not good at all. I feel so gross all the time. Why the heck don't I call the doctor? Oh yeah, because I'm nervous. Why am I nervous? Because I'm really scared that they'll think I am like anorexic or something and I'm NOT. I really don't want them to think I do this on purpose. Who wants to feel this craptastic all the time? I like food!

Well, I seriously seriously need to get off my butt and get ready.

I should have borrowed Jenna's nail polish! Dang it.

Abandonded pt 2

WebUrbanist has once again tickled my fancy with a post about abandonded locations around the world. This time they did amusement parks, schools, theaters, and pools! Here are some of my favorites...

Splendid China Amusement Park in Kissimmee, Florida

Theater in Gary, Indiana

High School in Ohio

Jean Gordon Elementary School in New Orleans

Indoor swimming pools in England

Friday, November 7, 2008

I know it's too late but...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll take Therapy, no pickles, no onions.

What is it about meeting someone for a meal, or even just coffee, that brings out all your darkest feelings and secrets. Does food and coffee contain some kind of truth serum that forces you to splurge all the contents of your head and heart? I'm not sure but I have fallen victim to this (most likely government) conspiracy too many times to mention. I am now speaking out against secret truth serum food/coffee spiking!


Oh yes, I can see it now: t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, Facebook groups. It will sweep over the nation like a giant broom... Am I going too far with this?

Back to reality...

I went to lunch today with my dad because our "stress-catalyst" had chosen to give us the silent treatment yet again and for God only knows what reason. We met up at McDonald's because it was close, I had a cramp the size of the Giza Pyramids, and I thought some deep-fried processed chicken in nugget form sounded delish. We sat down and almost immediately our therapy session started.

Therapy is definitely not something you can only receive from a licensed professional with a degree neatly framed and nailed to the wall. Therapy is everywhere if you let it be. You have to have an outlet for your stress. For a lot of people though, a licensed professional is the best outlet they can find.

I started actual therapy last weekend and decided that I like going but I may try someone else. I am a big talker and I need to talk for long periods of uninterrupted time in order for me to feel like I am spilling all my beans into a neat little pile that my therapist can then sort through and separate the good beans from the bad. The therapist then teaches me how to do the same and keep them separate... you see where I am going? Well, my current therapist, though I will go a couple more times to give him a fighting chance, is also a talker. He likes to interrupt me with his opinions and thus cuts my stream of bean-spilling and causes said beans to splatter all over the room and we lose the ones we were talking about. I get distracted, he gets distracted and starts talking about his dogs for 10 minutes and I start losing interest in anything he has to say. I am sorry but listening to someone talk about their dogs when they are supposed to be listening to me vent about crap is not condusive to my mental health. At least, I don't think it is.

Does this make me sound annoying and selfish? I really hope not.

I don't think this blog even went the avenue I had planned it to go. The point I was going to make before I went off on a tangent about my therapist, his dogs, and bean-spilling was that meeting someone over lunch, like my dad and I, or meeting someone over coffee, like my grandma and I frequently do, can be really good for you. However, this shouldn't be your only outlet. If you have major issues like my family seems to have, venting to friends and family won't always get you to where you need to be. My grandma likes to point out that she says a lot of the things that a therapist later tells us, and it's true sometimes. Hearing something from your grandma and hearing the same words come out of a doctors mouth, though, sound extremely different.

I don't really know where I was going with this anymore. Sometimes I cut off my own bean-stream.

Well, I had better finish my English homework before I leave for class in two and a half hours. I'll leave you to your life. Good-toodles to you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yay! I turned 18 two years ago and could have voted in the primaries but I sure did not. I wanted my presidential vote to be my first. Doesn't make sense to some but I don't care! It was fun times. You should all do it one day.

O, how historic this day is. I am anxious to see how it's all going to turn out. The world we live in is so messy. I am ready for it to be cleaned up a little bit. I just hope whomever wins doesn't messy it up even more!!!

On that note, I would love to have a job right about now. I dislike being broke as a joke.

No bullets today, though I bet I could have used them just as efficiently.

My mom is watching I Dream of Jeannie and I am very jealous. I forgot how much I used to adore that show. It was my favorite as a little kid. Man, I miss Screen Gems Network! I would watch I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched half the school year and then The Partridge Family and The Monkees the second half. Fricken awesome.

I look really cute today. This picture doesn't do it justice. My hair adds to the cuteness factor and you can't put hair on a floating outfit like that...

Anywho, I'm going to go eat something and then off to class. Apparently it is important that I leave class early tonight and head over to Jenna's. I have no idea why. I'll let you know! haha

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am really digging bullet points these days. They can be as scattered, brief, and random as my actual thought process:

  • I have seen a shooting star three times this past week! Is the sky falling?
  • Listen to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack and you will understand me. Well, maybe not but you will be listening to one of my all-time favorite albums. I adore it with all my corazon.
  • I am over it! Like, for real! You know...
  • Apparently, my friends are into mountain men now.
  • I am still confused and grossed out by a fact I learned yesterday. I mean, really?
  • I am so sure that I am going to fail my math class that I have no desire to do anything for it anymore. That's a bad thing. I have class in an hour and have not done a single problem for my homework. I most likely have a quiz on what we learned as well. Sweet.
  • I LOVE THE CURE!!!! I forgot how much I loved them. I really love them.
  • EE Cummings did not, in fact, prefer his name to be un-capitalized.
  • One thing I do enjoy about my literature class is the actual fiction and poetry that we get to read. I don't necessarily enjoy studying and dissecting them but I love reading them. There are some stinkin' brilliant artists out there. Gertrude Stein and EE Cummings are da bomb.
  • OK, I really need to get ready for class. I won't slack as much as I'd like.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Note to Self:

I do not want to follow any of the following as a career path (despite previous inklings):

  • English
  • Literature
  • Art History

That is all.