Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I went to the AZ State Fair with my mom and cousin, Liz. This is the ferris wheel!

Also at the fair, this is an alpaca (white and dirty) and a llama (cute black poodle-shaved). Let me just point out that the alpaca was a poop chunk and all it wanted was food. It wouldn't let me pet it and was a jerk. HOWEVER, the llama was a sweety pie and let me put his head in my hands and pet his nose and cherish him for all time. When will you all learn... llamas are so much better than those snooty stuck up alpacas!

Awww.... goooaatt. Please go to YouTube and search for the talking goat. It makes my day everytime I view it. I got a bit bored of goats at the fair though. Just too many of them.

Oh, hey... not at the fair. This is me in my "sporty outfit". Just to prove how incredibly girly I am... I was nervous and didn't want to play kickball at all until I purchased every item in this outfit. I then felt adorable and so thought, okay I don't care if I suck because I will look cute doing it.

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Amanda said...

you totally look cute!!!! woohoo!!! yeah sporty cait! :)

llamas rock your socks. and you got big socks now. ;) glad that lil black one made your day. ;)

love ya!