Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh, what a day.

Today has already been ridiculous. I mean, it had the potential to be amazing x 12 but in the end I am a bit on the miserable side. I woke up this morning and REALLY wanted to hang out with someone at the park. Apparently I am the only one who had nothing to do today because everyone is busy. So I then decided that I would make today a Caitlin day. I never really like to do things by myself so I thought, I really need to learn to do so. I ate lunch at a restaurant by myself for probably only the second time in my life, if not the first. I drove around a farm-area-like neighborhood on a search for llamas. This is the only one I found:

Actually, this playground llama is the only thing that made me smile today. I was driving all around farm land looking for llamas and the only one I found was one on an elementary school playground. Maybe if I replay that moment in my head over and over again it will make me happy the rest of the day.

OK, so then I drove by the goat farm I have previously mentioned and one of the goats was like outside the yard. I had a big giant debate with myself over whether I should tell the owners or not... and discovered I am a big selfish person who's too afraid to be nice to people. I am still thinking I might drive back and see if it's still there... I don't know what's wrong with me today.

OK, good things about today: Aforementioned llama. I purchased Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and CD. The weather is beyond amazingly beautiful and it literally makes me want to sit outside and cry. I'm not kidding. AND I just decided that I am going to go climb a mountain. I don't care if I am by myself, I am sick of my house and I'm sick of feeling like I have to have people around for fun. What the eff am I talking about? I wish someone would come with me...

I'm screwed in the head today.


Amanda said...


you're not screwed in the head.
i promise.

Jules said...

You didn't even call me all day. shoot!