Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion, Style, Thrift. Repeat.

I don't know much about fashion but I love it nonetheless. I have a thrifting addiction and it takes hold of me just about everyday. I frequent a certain chain thrift store on a weekly basis and find it virtually impossible to leave empty-handed. If there were a Thrift-A-Holics Anonymous... I wouldn't go. The beautiful thing about this addiction is that it has nothing but positive effects. It hardly puts a dent in my (lovely thrifted) wallet and it acts as therapy. On stressful days I used to run to the nearest St. Arbucks (get it?) and grab a grande chai latte for around $4. Now, I run to my lovely little Thrift-A-Ganza* and buy a pair of vintage Ray-Bans for 1/4 of the price of that latte. I leave the store feeling thrifty and stylish, a perfect combo for what rounds out to be a perfect day.

Thrift-A-Ganza saves me money, gives me cheap therapy, and most importantly it has helped me start to develop my own sense of style. The few times that I frequent Forever21, I usually pick up a couple items that would be difficult to acquire at a thrift store around here. For example, I purchased a black sweater vest at Forever21 which has become a staple to my wardrobe. Other than the rare mall purchases, most of my outfits that I consider "cool" are made up of thrifted items. I love wearing shoes that no one else has. I love owning a green leopard print button up shirt that reminds me of West Side Story. I love my distressed cut off denim shorts a la 90s grunge era. I love the styrofoam head sitting in my room sporting a black wig and fedora. All purchased from the same place

Thrifting is an artform. One day, I would love to be the Warhol of thrifting. Nay, thrifting is an adventure and I aspire to be Indiana Jones. Either way, I love it and pray I never get sick of it.

*Names have been changed because, frankly, I don't want you taking all the good stuff.

PS, I'm stealing this idea from one of the blogs I read where the blogger posts pictures of what she wore that day. Well, the other day I felt particularly adorable so I made my outfit on Polyvore and have decided to show you. I will probably post a couple of these whenever I feel like it. Enjoy!

The shoes I own are dark brown all over and a little shorter but very similar. Also the bag is a bit different because obviously I do not own a $1000 (or more) bag. I think that one is Gucci or something haha. Mine is from Aldo. Other than that the outfit is pretty accurate.


Mr. Jimmy said...

It's a shame you don't say where you went thrifting. I had a particular urge to do some thrifting yesterday but didn't know where to begin. Post names! do the world a favor!

Anonymous said...

You did not say where you went in your Dream .I had a strange dream to do some things yesterday but didn't know where to begin. Do a favor , let us see some fotos of you!