Monday, September 29, 2008


I have always had a particular fascination with abandoned places. I once saw an abandoned amusement park in the middle of nowhere on the way to Tucson or something and have been thinking about it ever since. When my parents and I used to travel around AZ a lot, we saw plenty of ghost towns and indian ruins that always amazed me. I love to think about who once lived there, why they left, etc.

Today I read an article called "7 Abandoned Cities and Places in Asia" and there are several that I would give my big toe to go see... maybe not literally (though, one has land mines surrounding it so I'm sure that option is quite possible... Eek), but I would LOVE to go nonetheless.

Check out the article. I'm sure there are plenty of places like this all over the world and I would love to see them all. Maybe that should become a hobby of mine one day. I particularly like the ones that you can just walk around without some annoying tour guide making the place feel more like a museum and less like a piece of my imagination. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I started looking on that site with the Asian abandoned places deal and found a ton more! I shall post pictures to spruce this post up a bit:






If you know of any other awesome abandoned places in AZ, know where that amusement park is (because I couldn't tell you where it was if my life depended on it), or have anything else to say do so, please! I enjoy sharing common interests with folks :)

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Amanda said...


my city is FILLED with abandoned places. abandoned house. abandoned boats. abandoned slabs. abandoned grass. abandoned levees. abandoned churches. abandoned restaurants. abandoned cemeteries. abandoned bars. abandoned schools.... ooooooh we just moved out of an abandoned school, so now it's doubly abandoned... but it wont be standing much longer.

i share your fascination with what once was...
i think it's fun to come up with stories on why the place is abandoned, or who lived there, etc... :) you should make that your career. what a cool job.... :)