Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've been through the desert...

Time spent on a recently discovered gem of a blog called Phantasmaphile: 3 hours

Time spent talking in a baby voice to a rabbit in my backyard: 5 seconds

Time spent petting my cat: 10 minutes

Time spent being utterly content: priceless.

Below are some random photos of home that I felt like sharing. If you've never been to AZ then this is what you're missing out on! Or at least, it's a taste. Enjoy :)

This was how the sky looked the other day. GLORIOUS! If there were only one reason to stay in Arizona forever it would be because of the daily shows we get in the sky.

A coyote with a bum leg. He was drinking out of a bowl that my mom leaves out for the myriad animals we get in our yard. I felt sorry for him.

Proof that it can get below 100 degrees in the summer time. It's so nice outside right now, you wouldn't know you were in Phoenix.

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