Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smirks from Passersby

I'm not completely positive that "passersby" is the correct term but, if not, so be it. I have invented another Cait-ism.

At the moment I am listening to my new Fleet Foxes album, recently purchased from iTunes. I adore them all of a sudden. I had heard of them in the past and I believe I illegally acquired Mykonos at some point but then never really listened to it and so it consequently got deleted. Either that or I am talking out of my big toe and I had never heard it before yesterday. Moving on, I love Fleet Foxes and very much adore Mykonos. Their harmony is to die for and the imagery of their lyrics is vivid and beautiful.

That's my review for the day.

I went to my two favorite classes today: World Religions and English. I decided that I wanted to put on my brave mask and try a funky outfit to try and get me to come out of my shell a bit at school. It worked! First of all my outfit wasn't that weird but I was wearing these awesome moccasin boots that have fringe all over them and my hair was wavy and had a braid across the top and my jewelery was all natural-looking and such. I said to someone later, "I guess I was going for the Pocahontas look." Not really but it made that someone chuckle. Anyway, when I first walked onto campus every person that even noticed me at all took one look at my shoes and smiled as they walked by. It was funny. Then I got to World Religions and during discussion I swear my alligator-boot-wearing instructor could not stop looking at my shoes. Love it. Perhaps he wants to add them to his weird shoe collection because, no joke, I have seen these alligator boots in three different colors in the course of two weeks. Awesome. Later on, I went to my English class and right when I sat down a kid in my group looks me up and down and goes, "Sweeet..." I looked at him funny and ask what he is referring to and he said, "Just... you're whole ensemble today." I laughed and said thanks. First time I actually had a "conversation" with someone in my English class. I even had to get up in front of the class today with a group and read something we had collectively written outloud and I didn't read too fast, I didn't turn red... it was miraculous.

I have thus concluded that I need to dress a bit on the unique side everytime I want to be comfortable with myself. It sounds backwards but it worked today! Whatever works, I am completely open to it.

"You gooooooooo wherever you go today..... You goooooo todayyyyy....." Gosh, this song is magnificent. That's Mykonos by the way.

OK, my drowsy cold medicine is finally kicking in full-force. Time for slumber.

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thomas castle said...

fleet foxes.

from seattle, baby.