Friday, September 19, 2008


I had my iTunes on shuffle while I was doing some homework and it came upon my really old Enya Greatest Hits CD. I never seemed to know this about myself but Enya brings instant tears to my eyes! My gosh...

I LOVED her when I was little and then I stopped liking her for a long time. Then I asked for the new CD with Only Time on it for Christmas back in the day because I liked it in the final episode of Friends. I ended up getting the Greatest Hits instead and like, never listened to it. I added it to my iTunes when I first got my iPod of course but never really listened to it then either. Well, now it is accidentally played on my computer and it makes me cry. How strange.

Now I love Enya again and though I would love to listen to this CD on replay forever I cannot. I prefer not to bawl all night long.

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Mr. Jimmy said...


yes. I love Enya too. a lot.