Monday, December 15, 2008

"Seven, but I look a lot older."

Julie and I went to a sneak preview of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" tonight and it was a very pleasing film to watch. It was extremely well-made and the story was really different and awesome. They did a really good job making Cate Blanchette and Brad Pitt look really young and really old. Like, a really ridiculously good job.

I cried, of course. Probably not for any reasons you all will cry, though. I don't want to give anything away and I don't think I am by explaining this but the whole story takes place in New Orleans and the story ends with Hurricane Katrina hitting. It didn't delve into that a whole lot but the very last scene made me cry. Having been there and having a connection to that place has made my heart save a big section of itself especially for New Orleans. Love it.

Oh, and aP, did you ever see them filming this movie in NOLA? So much of it was either filmed there or in ridiculously good replicas of it. It looked so stinkin BEAUTIFUL in the movie!!!

OK, that is all. When it comes out on Christmas Day you should all see it. It's really good and heartfelt, etc. Good stuff.


Amanda said...

no ... but then again, i rarely get into the city these days... but i mean, bradP lives out here somewhere, and his houses are going up, as ugly as they may be (in my opinion and my love for the beautiful caribbean houses...) so i would believe they filmed most of it here... i'll have to see the movie sometime... glad you enjoyed it... :)


sophisticaitlin said...

i looked it up and they filmed in the quarter and on a plantation on pontchartrain. the main house was definitely filmed there too but i didn't see where. maybe when it is widely released there will be more info. i always get so excited when i find out that a movie or tv show or something was filmed somewhere that i've been. and nola is so beautiful in the movie, i hope it makes people want to go there even more!

Amanda said...

:) does it make YOU want to come here more????

sophisticaitlin said...

it does indeed!!!!!!!!