Sunday, December 14, 2008

The NEW Bionic MAN!

This is going to be my dad's new bionic knee from now on starting tomorrow!

We're all really excited for him to no longer have pain in his knee, for him to be able to walk without a limp, and most importantly for him to be able to play some mild sports again! I know that sounds like a weird priority but if you know my dad at all, then you know that sports are his life. If he misses a Dallas Cowboys game he goes insane. Not being able to play football with my brother this season at church has been pure torture for him. So... that is really important for him to be able to do again. Mind you, he can't play high-contact sports so luckily for him, the church league is non-tackle! :)

If you read this before tomorrow, please pray for him. I want his recovery to be as quick and painless as possible. He's been suffering for so long that it's high time he's pain free! Thanks.

I'll try to update this a little as his rehabilitation progresses. No promises because... well because I am not very blog-update-reliable. I shall try my best, though.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! Later gators.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

to uncle scott: that's a pretty spiffy knee you got there :)

to cait: i am praying. btw... how did grandma's surgery go?

love ya. see ya SOON!!!!