Sunday, June 13, 2010

Caitlin = SINNER

I hope this trip transforms me into the Caitlin I know I was meant to be. Ever since the earliest signs of my selfishness and lack of Christ-like behavior, I have felt that my spiritual growth has been stunted. I feel as though this Caitlin is a temporary shell of a young woman just DYING to let the real Caitlin fly free. And maybe subconsciously, that's why I have had a great love and attachment to the symbol of birds escaping birdcages...

CAITLIN is in here somewhere, I know she is. I ask God all the time to continue abundantly pouring out His mercy and patience on me so that my "cage" will wash away and the Spirit-filled bird will break free.

Peru is going to be the first step of many leading me down the path to Jesus Christ. I want to live my life for Him. I want to exude His light in everything I do.

I'm ready to break free, Lord. I know this is the start of something BIG.



Amanda said...

amen. i feel it too. for both of us.

and as far as peru being the first step... i chuckled a little bc where we're gonna be is all steps. :) so literally, these will be our first steps to knew us. :)

YAY. :)

Caitlin said...

And I am so beyond excited that we get to experience this journey together!!!

Go us!!! :)

Wahlstrom said...

Have fun! Enjoy all of the blessings you will get and be the instrument to give blessings as well! Have fun!!! :) We are excited for you (and Amanda too!)