Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hair ReDux

I am growing increasingly bored of my hair. I love the length but it is going to slaughter me this summer. I love the color but I think I am done with my dark brunette phase. Not to mention, this last re-dye it went a little darker than I prefer. So, I've been gathering inspiration from blogs and the random Google search to find what may soon become MY new 'do.

Drastic but not insane 'dos:

a bit longer than the Kirsten Dunst style but still wavy and blonde and beautiful!


Keep the length but dye it red (bangs are not out of the question but not necessarily preferred):

Which are your favorites? Which do you think would suit me the best? Negative feedback is helpful too!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

mmmm well... i've always loved your blonde hair, when it was like a natural blonde color... i've also always loved your chestnutty brown hair... the one before this last one...the rich browns and reds compliment your skin tone. :) i think red would look good on you if it were a deep red... reds look good in our family :) as for length and cut... mmmmm... i don't know. i've always been an advocate for "it'll grow back" and i know phoenix summers are rough on long haired girls. lol. so... do what you want, just enjoy it!