Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm ranting and raving again.

WARNING: I am going to rant and be really obnoxious for a minute so... If you're not interested, read no further.


YOUR= belongs to you. YOU'RE= you are.


"Your welcome" does not make any sense. If it did, you would be bringing attention to my welcome. What about my welcome? It's like saying, "Yo, wuddup?" and then responding with "Your welcome is a little out of character."


YOU ARE WELCOME or YOU'RE WELCOME is perfectly fine!

My problem here is that 90% of the people I know and the people they know are native-English speakers. For a lot of them, English is the only language they speak. So, I would think that if you only know one language, you would know it pretty well. Apparently, not the case at all.

I admit, with a bit of embarrassment, that I make mistakes quite frequently. I never claimed to be perfect. I say "like" in over-abundance and that word is almost never necessary. It is one of those words like "get" or "got" that can be easily replaced with another word or phrase. However, the difference is that I am trying to improve my vocabulary, my spelling, my punctuation, and most importantly, my grammar. It bothers me so much that most people do not care in the least! It is even more irksome that employers, professors, etc. are becoming more and more lax when it comes to grammar.

I will never forget coming home from one of my first days of sixth grade and telling my parents that I was a more competent reader than my teacher.

What is the education in this country coming to?

I think I am going to have to send my children to private schools...


Rant complete.


Amanda said...

or you and i can tagteam... between the two of us, we'll have them reading and writing correctly in no time! :)

Caitlin said...

haha that sounds like a cheaper plan than private school. i'm down if you are ;)

Jenna Wenna said...

i love this so much! when i drive to glendale, there is a sign outside of an apartment complex that says, "wednesday's family night!" it kicks my ocd into overdrive and i don't like it :(