Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hook-ed on Pa-honiks work-ed for MEH!

I've actually been feeling a post coming on for quite some time now but just haven't had the motivation to bring it to fruition. I think this calls for another one of my scattered bullet-point posts. I'm sure it is the only way I will be able to organize my thoughts and have your attention and interest as well. So, here goes:

  • First and foremost, I GOT A JOB!!!!! I could not be happier, really. I went through about a five minute period where I was slightly bummed that it isn't at a book store or the place of my dreams but that was quickly remedied when I kept reminding myself that I get to have MONEY that I EARNED in my pockets for awhile. What a feeling!
  • I got back from an amazing trip to Lakeside this weekend to visit my good friend, aka the one they used to refer to as my "other half" back in high school. I swear, she or I could not walk down the halls of school by ourselves without someone asking where the other was. It was ridiculous. Great.... but ridiculous. I missed her dearly and I am SOO SOO SOOOO thankful that I got to spend a long weekend with her and her family!
  • I have a lot of random plans stewing in my brain right now that I am not quite sure I am ready to divulge at this moment. I think once I am more certain, I will let you know. I don't want it to be one of those things that I say I want to do and then I change my mind a week later and make everyone think I'm a flake. Hey, it happens. I am 20.
  • I just keep thinking about all the things I want to save up for now that I have a job! I'm not going to be making beaucoup bucks by any means but just to have steady income will be magical, to say the least.
  • My parents said they are going to take me to Black Angus to celebrate! YAY!!!
  • Oh, speaking of my parents, it is my dad's birthday on Monday and my nephew's first birthday the week after that! I am so excited for both! I LOVE birthdays. I will love them even more now that I can purchase gifts with my own money! YAY!!! (how many of those can I fit into one post?)
  • Um... I like my aunt's dogs. They are fun.
  • I have been playing a lot of Playstation 2 this week. Who knew?
  • I watched Disney's The Jungle Book the other night and remembered after many many years how much I love that movie! "You pompous old windbag!" OOHh mann... they don't write em like they used to, that's for sure.
  • I am currently half-way through Disney's Alice in Wonderland and I have been studying it frame by frame trying to imagine a glorious tattoo for myself. It doesn't necessarily have to be from the film but it is good visual inspiration.

OK, I'm all bulleted out. Time for some cable-watching before I head out to celebrate with Yulie!


amanda said...

yay for the job! save for a trip here, cuz i don't think that there will be a TON of money coming from me for the trip here... but save save save... :) and we'll get you here... we'll have some PLANNING to do while you're here, i'm guessing ;)

ummmmm. i'm really excited for you. :) thanks for writing. i missed your words. :)

Rudegur said...

I'm having trouble imagining you with a tattoo.

j.marie said...

soooo glad you have a jobz now!

Amanda said...

i love that you're working... i miss you. :)