Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Artist Discoveries

Last night my cousin Liz and I spent the better part of an hour looking through one of my coffee table books called "World Art". I was curious to see what kind of art she was interested in and by the end of our exploration we discovered that she loves landscapes. Who knew? Anyway, while looking through it I made a disovery of my own: Dorothea Tanning. She was listed in the Modern Art section and her name sounds familiar to me, although her work is brand new to my eyes. I googled her and have thus found one of my new favorite artists. Take a look at some of my favorites:

and my all-time favorite of hers:

I really love how whimsical and yet dark everything is. I also love the use of branches, mermaid tails, fabric, etc. to create a flowing feeling... if you know what I mean. Sorry, I'm not familiar with all the artsy terms yet!

I've also discovered that I really love Salvador Dali. Yes, everyone and their mother has heard of him but his work truly is brilliant:

This one takes my breath away:

I apparently really love his representations of animals because those seem to be my favorites:

Another artist, Rene Margritte, I've apparently liked for awhile but didn't know it:

I've had this picture framed in my room for awhile now and never knew who the artist was!

This one is pretty famous:

And lastly, Leonora Carrington:

This may be one of the most bad-ace paintings I've seen in awhile:

She basically rocks.

Google them all if you want to see more. Tell me what you think!


Amanda said...

i'd love to know more about the dali painting #1 that you posted, the horses with the dude with the cross... interested in all the symbolism. there's a lot going on there... i'm curious....

i'm not generally drawn to surrealism paintings and abstract art except picasso, and that was an acquired liking, but the ones you've picked seem to tell hidden stories, and that intrigues me. :) they'd be cool to use in a class for a creative writing prompt...

you should do that... take a picture and write from it... ;)

love you cuzcuz... and while i know you've been going through a lot of decision making lately, i'm glad you've made a decision, and i'm excited for what's going to happen next, because i think it's a good decision... while may not be the most exciting, will be good. :) love you. call me sometime.

Caitlin said...

Here is the description of Dali's "The Temptation of St. Anthony", the first of his paintings I posted. I love that one so much!

Julie actually did something similar to what you suggested, she found several related pictures and ended up writing a poem/short story thing that was really awesome. It's on her blog if you want to read it! I think it's a really cool idea. Perhaps I will write one one day!

Thanks, also for the encouragement. I'm really thankful that everyone is supporting my decision instead of thinking that I'm doing it to slack off or something. I was afraid of that, to be honest. But, everyone has been really cool, including you, so THANKS!