Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I lied...

I couldn't wait. I worked on her a little more and really wanted to show you how she's coming along! Some of the lines didn't show up very well in the scanning process, some lines are a little harsher than I'd like, but overall I love her. I can't decide whether I want to trace over her in ink or color her and if so, how? Any suggestions?


J.MARIE said...

I like it! The mask is pretty. Don't ask people how to color it! haha Do what you think! If you do what someone else tells you, it won't be entirely yours anymore.

Have 'faith' in yoself and get it done, girl. Don't forget to post the finished product. I'm sure she shall be beautiful!

Erin said...

i love this so much!

and i'm picturing something green and blue for colors--deep shades. sort of ocean-y.